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We're back with our 3rd edition of our PPC cybersecurity benchmarks report and we're asking....

What will your
CPLs on Google & LinkedIn look like in 2023?

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It's 2023 and Much Has Changed

We've noticed a massive change in the stuff that works and (most importantly) doesn't work and we're sharing it for free, with you!

• We're saying 'Adieu' to gated eBooks and hello to investment in brand awareness (finally!)

• Multi-channel approaches and an ABM methodology are here to stay and you best get on board, or get left behind

• $10,000 monthly PPC budget just isn't going to cut it anymore. We know, what the hell right?! We've done the math (and it's included in this eBook)

• And who could forget our elusive friend, the dark funnel? Yep, it exists, but now C-levels are on board...making those first touch/last touch metrics almost irrelevant

B2B cyber security marketing starts here

Envy has been working with cyber security companies since 2014. We’ve scaled growth for scores of established companies and taken many cyber security startups all the way from pre-launch to their IPO, exit, and/or acquisition. In short, we’ve worked on the entire process from end to end. If you need informed, experienced, and professional help planning your cyber security marketing, please feel free to reach out.
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